Energy Ethics Symposium - 2nd April 2020 at the University of St Andrews

What is the place of energy in human life?

The global consumption of energy is rising at an astonishing rate and to sustain this demand, energy producers are relying on increasingly innovative ways of harvesting energy from fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable resources. As a necessary but precious component for living, the energy that is produced, distributed and consumed raises fundamental questions about what we consider to be right or good.

Applying insights and methods from anthropology and beyond, this multi-year transdisciplinary project seeks to open up a truly novel line of enquiry that focuses on the people, not just the resource. Ethical sensibility is a capacity that is rooted in people; not a static property inherent in certain kinds of energy sources. By returning attention to human actors, this project positions people as not only central to, but also responsible for our larger energy predicament as we ask: How would we like to sustain human and other life?


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Book launch

Thanks to everyone who came to our book launch at the Royal Anthropological Institute, London. It was a wonderful event!

New publication!

We are excited to announce the publication of "Energy and Ethics?" - a Special Issue of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute edited by Mette M. High and Jessica M. Smith.